I don’t know anyone who is excited about 2024; even among friends outside the US. There is a sense of dread about the way politics, economics, climate, war and disease are playing out. All beyond our control. The options seem to be retreat to diversions or make heroic efforts to keep the worst from happening. If you are one of the heroes; thank you. We need you. The threats are real. 

I am searching for a response to this time that contributes to real solutions but is less desperate, more of a paced journey that I want to take with others. As I play with Otto, my 5-month-old grandson, I am fascinated by his drive to learn to move. I am relearning how to care for a child. My daughter, Otto’s mother, is amazing. She recently wisely observed that when Otto was upset, I tried to use comforting words but my tone conveyed my panic. Since Otto doesn’t yet understand words, my tone was not helping. To be comforting, I needed to both take action and convey a convincing confidence. I hope we can learn to take action with a convincing confidence. 

I’m writing to you because you and I share a vision for the true potential of active living with less driving. Our organizing around infra-structure and policy could be better, but it’s pretty good. Where we are less strong is building community around what it takes to make the best of the urban form that we’re dealt–learning life hacks in our car saturated routine. We could support each other better, have more fun, and sing more songs. We would better enjoy our journey and attract a following. GoodForUs.Org is an opportunity to band together, pool our hard earned resources, and give ourselves and others daily motivation, incentive, and joy. Together we have the shared wisdom and experience to develop a business model that can scale to significance.

 There is a social orbit around us that is persuadable. We’ll target the most motivated 5% of people, who will in turn influence curiosity and change in the 20% around them. Then govern-ment, business and consumers will start responding to the growing trend. By 2040 we have a shot at being mainstream. 

What’s the rush? I want to improve the world for my grandchildren, and other people’s grandchildren, before it is too late. Motors have taken over for our muscles and our eyes struggle to focus beyond the screen. It is time to celebrate and elevate being human, moving on our own power, taking in the world around us. 

Please give this a shot. Join GoodForUs.Org as a founding member for one year. It is a small commitment. If we aren’t meeting our targets, we can disband, without having lost much. But if we get momentum we could make some real progress on the existential threats of our time.

Together we can live a glimpse of our dream, and offer a pathway to our neighbors stuck in traffic. We can spark a crescendo of caring with a convincing confidence.