Would you like to move something bulky, like groceries, mulch, building materials, or a cooler and barbecue without depending on a large, polluting machine that gets stuck in traffic? Well, you’re in luck, because the Ravenswood Bike Lending Library has a cargo trailer for you to borrow. 

Here’s how it works:

  • There is no cost, but we do ask you to complete the MotorActive Survey, which takes about 8-12 minutes. You only need to do it once, not each time you borrow the trailer.
  • Fill out this form to request the day(s) you’d like to borrow it.
  • Here’s the diagram for hitch installation; we’re happy to help you with it if you’d like.

  • Once we’ve received your request, we will send you the combo for the lock. 
  • Bring a wrench that fits the nut on the rear axle of the bike you will be using. If you have a quick release axle, you won’t need a wrench. If you would like to purchase a hitch to keep on your bike, you can send us $10 through Zelle. Contact nate@goodforus.org for more information.

The Ravenswood Bike Lending Library is a pilot project of GoodForUs.Org which is a mutual aid organization for empowering people and communities to choose active mobility over car-dependency. To become part of the movement please consider signing and sharing The Declaration of (Car) Independence [link coming soon!].