To encourage human-powered mobility at scale we are seeking to leverage a modest commitment of time, money, or connections from the same number of people it took to launch AAA in 1902, plus one.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had many conversations about next steps. Nate and Randy were in DC for the National Bike Summit and Randy was in Tucson for the Bicycle Leadership Conference. The people we talked to are excited about creating a platform that offers practical tools, know-how and encouragement that links and scales our otherwise isolated efforts. We don’t have all the details figured out, but people are helping us focus the vision and strategy.

By 2032, GoodForUs.Org could unite 60 million people to empower each other to maximize activing and minimize driving in daily life in the United States.

Our strategy for scaling is to first target the most motivated 5% of the population that is already affiliated with allied organizations. This motivated 5% has a network that can influence another 20%. We believe there is a latent demand for hope and empowerment in the face of our car-dependent, isolated, sedentary society. If we can hit 60 million, government and business will respond to the trending political and consumer demand for even more substantial behavioral and infrastructure change. 

We believe that active mobility encouragement has transformational potential and that conditions are favorable for meaningful impact in both the near term and long term.

We envision an “encouragement coop” that provides national benefits and local support, to help people maximize activing and minimize driving. Our “minimum viable product” for the national offering has 3 parts: 1) a help desk for members trying to overcome know-how barriers, 2) a buffet of active living product and services offers; and 3) a measurement and assessment tool for tracking impacts and prioritizing interventions. Each of these three parts is detailed in the attached. Help us develop them.

We believe that the market is ready, the resources exist, and urgency is imperative.

There is a growing understanding that car dependency is making us unhealthy, unhappy, and unhopeful. A small but mighty number of motivated people and organization across the country that are already aware and engaged in changing the car-first paradigm. We believe that our community can pull together enough resources to make this happen. If you’re in, there are two ways you can help.

  1. Individuals: Join us as a Founder or Advisor. Donate any amount that feels right to you. And/or use this form to allow us to use your name and let us know how you can best contribute.
  2. Groups: Register your group’s interest in offering a package of benefits and services, including a help desk, to your members and constituents. This is not a commitment but just an expression of interest that will allow us to work with suppliers to assemble an offering that will help you grow your base. We will ask for your input into the development of the help desk, benefits and services. Just send Randy an email.

By empowering people to active more and drive less, we are actually empowering ourselves and our communities to be happier, healthier, and more hopeful.

Thanks for reading. Let’s go!