In Search of 1501 Founders/Advisors/Believers Copy

To encourage human-powered mobility at scale we are seeking to leverage a modest commitment of time, money, or connections from the same number of people it took to launch AAA in 1902, plus one. Over the past few weeks we’ve had many conversations about next steps. Nate and Randy were in DC for the National […]

Chicago Bike Lending Library Pilot Projects

  We launched a simple bike lending library in the Ravenswood neighborhood in May 2024. We’d like to shout out to Chris Schmidt of the Camberville e-bike Lending Library for his insights and assistance. If you live in the 40th or 47th ward, you are welcome to request the equipment by completing the lending library […]

Cargo Trailer Borrowing

Would you like to move something bulky, like groceries, mulch, building materials, or a cooler and barbecue without depending on a large, polluting machine that gets stuck in traffic? Well, you’re in luck, because the Ravenswood Bike Lending Library has a cargo trailer for you to borrow.  Here’s how it works: There is no cost, […]

GoodForUs.Org Book Club

Great reads for understanding the connection between our biology and our mobility. These three books will give you a deeper appreciation for how humans have evolved to thrive. The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort To Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative The Joy of […]